KO OD MAJKE ROĐENA: Ova devojka je odustala od brijača, šminke i šampona, pa sada dane provodi GOLA U DŽUNGLI (FOTO)

Ne samo da je dobila priliku da gaji svoje voće u šumi, već je uštedela više od 4.000 dolara odustajući od brijača, šminke i šampona.


Pre dvanaest meseci blogerka Banana Girl je zajedno sa svojim partnerom pobegla od civilizacije i otpočela život u južnoameričkoj džungli.

Am I going to be nude in every shot now? Yes, nude in the jungle. Free of clothes, labels, shoes, makeup, shaving. It just feels right. Does that mean I’m going to walk around naked with friends or join a nudist colony? Probably not, but it does mean this page will be one where I celebrate my birth-day body in my natural surroundings. Unfortunately female nudity in our modern culture has been oversexualised to the point that we can’t even show a damn nipple! Ugh. This stigma is obviously not healthy and breeds embarrassment, shame and disatissfaction with our female bodies. I love how comfortable and confident tribeswomen around the world are with their nude bodies. Not a second thought is given to their saggy breasts. If my body offends you then this isn’t the page for you. #gofreeyourself PS – New video up showing my lifestyle for a week, link in bio

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Poznata kao zagovornik veganske ishrane, kontroverzna blogerka danas deli na svojim društvenim mrežama savete iz oblasti ishrane, ali i fotografije bez šminke i garderobe, a sve kako bi objasnla zašto uživa u ovom načinu života.

Ne samo da je dobila priliku da gaji svoje voće u šumi, već je uštedela više od 4.000 dolara odustajući od brijača, šminke i šampona.

Da li ću biti gola na svakoj fotografiji? Da, gola sam u šumi. Oslobođena garderobe, brendova, cipela, šminke, brijanja. Sada se osećam dobro – napisala je pored provokativne fotografije.

In my eyes you are successful in life when you have the courage to embrace who you really are, however strange or peculiar that may be. Regardless of whether it fits with societies expectations or cultural norms. Growing up I often said the wrong things, didn’t have the right clothing, or the right look, and was laughed at or excluded for being “a bit weird”. I never felt fully accepted. Over time I learned to keep my “uncool” thoughts to myself and adapt my appearance so others would feel comfortable being around me. This only left me feeling internally suppressed and frustrated, (certainly not free) until one day when I reached my threshold and thought – ahh fuuuck it, this is boring! And this isn’t me! – From then on I decided to just let the TRUE me flow, to be my rawself, to act impulsively, to own that embarrassed look from others and to be the awkward freak I’m born to be. 😅The result? Goodbye fake friendships, hello soul mates ☀️#gofreeyourself

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Kako kaže, razlog zašto je promenila svoj životni stil je duboki psihološki stres, koji je slabio njen organizam.

Bila sam premorena radeći svakog dana od devet ujutro do pet popodne. Zvuk alarma, odevanje za posao, šminkanje lica kako bih se “uklopila” u masu, obuvanje visokih štikli, i lažan osmeh za druge ljude… Umorio me je ovakav nacin života, radeći za drugog koji se bogati. Možda najgore, bilo mi je dosadno… To jutro odlučila sam da se oslobodim ropstva – objašnjava veganka.

Although it’s seldom, I still feel the pressure to conform in society, to shave my legs and underarms, to paint my face and look a certain way to others. This western self-obsession is a powerful dis-ease to shake. Some days I strut confidently, other days I pick at my insecurities, but everyday I move forward with strong purpose. I sometimes see that look of disgust from certain others at my hairy armpits and legs but I always remind myself – that person is not part of my tribe. Would I really want to spend my valuable time with someone who feels that way? About body hair? A person who thinks I’m disgusting as my natural self? Heck no! 🤷‍♀️Girls, remember, your body hair is a gift, it’s protective and part of your being, but maybe best of all it’s also a powerful natural fuckboi repellent.😉#gofreeyourself

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Žena koja sada živi u džungli tvrdi da je tek kada je posetila Ameriku i započela novu etapu svog života konačno osetila radost, sa novim partnerom, okruženjem, kao i novim izazovima.

In my early teens and most of my twenties I had serious digestive issues. I was often curled up in pain, this picture is symbolic of that. I took courses of strong antibiotics, they only intensified my issues. I was losing my sanity. I decided to book in with the ‘best gastroenterologist in Australia’. The 15 min consult cost $215. He looked ill himself but he was the “expert” after all, so I trusted him. I was sent for an endoscopy. $430 later he diagnosed me with “an inflamed gut”. Well no shit Sherlock! I could FEEL it was inflamed…but why?? He said I need not worry as there was a special medication coming from the USA soon which would heal me, in the meantime there was another drug he recommended. I knew this was a lie, I’d been there before. As he was writing the script I stood up and pushed the chair away “NO✋I do NOT want anymore drugs!” and stormed out. Long story short, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I found the raw vegan and raw till 4 lifestyle (most importantly fruit) and finally got out of my bodies way and let my body heal itself. Freedom from your digestive distress is closer than you think. #gofreeyourself Btw – We built this composting toilet, link will be in bio.

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Osim što je gotovo celog dana gola, ona se hrani organskim voćem i povrćem direktno sa zemlje. Kupa se na monsunskim kišama i pije vodu iz potoka.