MANEKENKA RODILA DEČAKA U ŠUMI : Sa suprugom otišla na izlet, a onda je počeo porođaj

Češka manekenka Petra Nemcova (40) porodila se i na svet donela sina, ali na neuobičajen način koji nikako nije mogla da očekuje.


Petra je u petak 15. novembra rodila sina, ali tek je sada smogla snage da konačno progovori o tome što je prošla.

Dečak je rođen šest nedelja ranije i to dok su Petra i njen partner Benjamin bili na izletu u prirodi.

Kada su shvatili da je porođaj počeo, ušli su u auto i krenuli ka bolnici, ali manekenka se usput porodila.
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It’s a Boy! 💙👶💙 Streams of joy and gratitude poured down our cheeks as, yesterday, we finally welcomed into our nest, our little angel. 👼 He chose to arrive unexpectedly at 34 weeks in the middle of the night in a remote area surrounded by nature. During this storm, in which we almost gave birth to a premature baby in the car, heading towards the nearest hospital, we felt unconditional love and grace embrace us; holding us in its pure light. ✨✨✨ Since November 15th, it has been an intense journey at different hospitals, praying for our babys recovery and wishing him to become stronger and healthier, but we felt divinely guided all along the way and supported by many angels, whom we are infinitely grateful for. 🙏 My hubby and I didn’t share anything as we didn’t want to worry anyone until our baby was safe and out of danger. This experience has been a conviction of the power of transformation of all things into LOVE when our mind, heart, body, and soul are in alignment. Now our beautiful baby boy is with us, safe, protected, loved and in peace✌ We are in Bliss, we are in Gratitude, and we are in LOVE with our sweet angel that is revealing to us unraveling Wisdom and Truth of many life’s miracles on our beautiful planet Earth. 🌈 Thank you to God and the Universe for blessing us with this miracle of Life in Divine timing.🙏💜🌎🌈 🦋✨ #Peace #Bliss #UnconditionalLove #Gratitude #Transformative #Journey #Divine #Union #SacredBirth #SacredSpace #NewHumanity #NewWorld #Consciousness

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