Dokaz da se moda vraća su upravo ove pantalone. Neizostavan komad zimskih kolekcija najpoznatijih brendova su upravo karirane pantalone različitih modela.

Prošle godine karirane pantalone nosile su se u kompletu sa kariranim sakoom, ali ove godine moderno je kombinovati ih sa drugim komadima odeće.

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Fall is here 🍁 @nunoobags #nunoobags

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Ovakve pantalone se uklapaju u svakakve stilove i mogu da se nose u različitim prilikama, od ležernih do svečanih i poslovnih.

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So many new faces here as of late so I wanted to say ‘hi’ and welcome to my little corner of the gram! I love nothing more than sharing content here to inspire but it’s also about getting to know each other! ⠀ ⠀ So here are 15 things about me you might not know about if you’re new around here 🙂 ⠀ ⠀ 1. I relocated to NYC from Los Angeles with my hubby @fredcip six months ago. 2. He’s also the man behind the lens and we’ve been going steady for almost 10 years now. We got married in Paris 3 years ago (One of our favorite cities) 3. I grew up not in one, but four cities. Born in Boston, moved to Chicago, then Princeton, before landing in Palo Alto. My Dad’s a professor so we bounced around a little. 4. Before I was blogging, I worked full time as a fashion publicist and on the weekends would assist stylists and contribute write for different sites – writing is my true passion. 5. I wake up naturally with the sunrise with so many ideas, it’s why it’s my favorite time to write. 6. I eat udon or spaghetti about 3 times a week, noodles are my weakness! That and dark chocolate. 7. I listen to classical music when I work, classic rock or motown when I cook and love to sing and dance to tropical house & electropop but don’t ask me to sing karaoke! 8. Margo of Margo & Me is my French Bulldog, she’s 8. @Fredcip & I got her together, our first child LOL! But seriously, we treat her like one. 9. I spent summer and winter holidays in a coastal town in Italy growing up and speak a little Italian because of it. 10. I’ve had bangs all my life and have never grown them out. 11. I don’t much care for sports, watching or playing. I’ve never been a competitive person. I’m more competitive with myself. 12. I admire people who are verbally captivating and have a ton of respect for people who are good at public speaking. 13. I can’t watch scary movies, like ever. Probably because I believe in ghosts. 14. I feel happiest or most free when I am riding a bike or practicing yoga. 15. I have high hopes for a little family, a life in the Italian countryside, owning a flower shop and writing a book. But in no particular order. Now, tell me a little about you!

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Na vama je da odaberete model pantalona koje vam najbolje pristaju, a uz karirani print bićete u trendu ove jeseni i zime.