Ovo je definitivno trik zlata vredan.


Mnogi ne vole da koriste kupovne proizvode za negu tela i kose, već pribegavaju prirodnim preparatima koje sami prave. 

Kada su maske za kosu u pitanju, kombinacija ima baš mnogo. Ali šta kada bismo vam rekli da postoji samo jedan proizvod koji obuhvata sve hranljive materije koje su vam potrebne?

Radi se o njegovom visočanstvu – majonezu! Majonez sadrži ulje i jaja koji su glavni sastojci dosta maski.  

Možete ga naneti samog ili dodati malo meda ili jogurta. 

Masku mažite od korena do vrha, a potom isperite šamponom.

?HOW TO REPAIR DRY, DAMAGED BRITTLE HAIR! ? ?is ur hair very dry? or damaged? or brittle and breaking? THIS is the hair mask for YOU and it costs less than $4 (ps. u can totally use this if ur hair isnt dry, brittle or damaged, its an amazing deep conditioner)?? ✅All you need for this is a tub of FULL FAT MAYONNAISE ??(none of that low fat “healthy” stuff) ?apply the mayo to your hair and make sure you really saturate your hair from scalp to ends. Give yourself a head massage ?You can apply the mayo to dry hair or damp hair - i like putting it on dry hair because it gives the bessstttt deep condition ⏰Leave on for 30 minutes ?Wash out with your favourite shampoo! ? your hair will feel so soft, look incredibly healthy and shiny and moisturized ?This is reverse hair washing - meaning you apply conditioner BEFORE you shampoo and its the secret to shiny healthy hair that has lots of volume! I rarely use a conditioner in the shower and have been deep conditioning before shampooing for my whole lifeeeee and believe me - its hair life changing! ?WHY YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!?? -mayonnaise has all the ingredients you need for the perfect hair mask, and its already pre-made for you - eggs, vinegar, oil etc -contains proteins that will make your hair strong and prevent it from breaking -itll make your hair incredibly shiny with all the ingredients -vinegar in the mayo will help clean ur scalp and restore its ph balance -the oil will moisturize your dry hair and make it soft and shiny the benefits of this hair mask are endless - try it once and you will feel the difference in your hair right away ?if your hair is extremely dry and brittle - do this twice a month (once every 2 weeks) if your hair is “normal" - do this once a month Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. I can not vouch for any substitute ingredients. This post is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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