Pokušajvate da smršate, a STALNO STE GLADNI? Postoji NAČIN da SMANJITE APETIT i to bez dijate

Jedan od najvećih problema sa dobrim treningom je napad gladi. Ukoliko se dobro najedete posle vežbanja, sva muka je pala u vodu. Srećom postoji rešenje.


Nekoliko vežbi može umiriti nemiran želudac i zaustaviti osećaj gladi.

Zategnite telo i smirite stomak

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Day 2⃣ of the #Fit4YogaWheel ⭕! This challenge is focused on STRENGHT💪, and this week focus on the CORE! 👉🚶 The pose of the day is Legs and Arms Lifts, or #yogacrunches 🙏and the proposed workout 🏋 is: Lie faceup on the floor, press the yoga wheel between your feet 👣(or pilates ball or press foot to foot) and raise your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor. Raise at the same time the arms 🙋 and take, while bending your knees slightly, the yoga wheel🔵. Repeat now with the yoga wheel between your hands 👐. Take your time in every move here, the more slowly your moves are, the more harder is your core working. You can post a photo📷 or a video📽! 💕 Today, @ainania_ainania is showing a yoga wheel version and I am showing the option without wheel 😉 Follow us and our amazing sponsors @limitlesswheel, @shambhalabarcelona and @mymantraactive 🙏💚 Having special collaboration of guests @yogayely and @gizemozdem1 🔹🔹🔹 Día 2⃣ de #Fit4YogaWheel ⭕! Este reto se centra en la FUERZA💪, y esta semana en el CORE (abs)! 👉🚶 La pose del día es la elevación de brazos y piernas 🙏 y el ejercicio 🏋 propuesto: Túmbate boca arriba en el suelo, coge la rueda entre tus pies 👣(o pelota de pilates o pie contra pie) sube tus piernas rectas hasta estar perpendicular con el suelo. Al mismo tiempo, eleva los brazos 🙋 intercambia la rueda de pies a manos🔵. Repite el proceso con el aro entre las manos 👐. Tómate tu tiempo, cuánto más lento es el movimiento, más se trabaja! Puedes subir una foto 📷 o un video📽! 💕 Hoy, @ainania_ainania te enseña la versión con aro y @arigador sin él! Síguenos, y a nuestros geniales sponsors @limitlesswheel, @shambhalabarcelona y @mymantraactive 🙏💚 Tenemos especial colaboración de las bonitas @yogayely and @gizemosdem1 🔸🔸🔸 #yoga #challenge #igchallenge #yogachallenge #fitgirl #fitness #yogafam #fitfam #workout #train #trainhard #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #onebreatheatatime #practicenotperfection #practicepracticepractice #yogacommunity

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Čuvena vežba “frogs” smanjuje apetiti. Sve što je potrebno je da legnete na leđa, malo izdignete noge od zemlje i kao na ilustraciji ponovite vežbu nekoliko puta (koliko ste u mogućnosti). Ova vežba je idealna pre jela.


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✨ Day six of #flourishingforwards is cobra but I accidentally did updog 🙈 I can’t believe it’s almost over!✨ . How To Play: . 1️⃣ FOLLOW all Hosts and generous sponsors! . 💙 HOSTS: @flow_flourish_yoga @clacuru @em.luker @dr_kaufman @codyyoga . . 🎁 SPONSORS: @inspiritcollective @mysugarmat @comfy_yoga @hathamat_berlin @rangoonactive @arcfitnessproject . 2️⃣ REPOST this flyer, tag some of your friends and don’t forget to set your account to public. . 3️⃣ POST a photo of the featured pose daily, TAG your hosts and sponsors and use the hashtag #flourishingforwards . ✨ Pose Line Up: Day 1. Arms 💪🏼chaturanga Day 2. Legs 👣 any warrior pose Day 3. Core ⛵️ boat pose Day 4. Shoulders 🙃inversion (modification dolphin pose) Day 5. Buttocks 🍑 chair pose Day 6. Back 🐍 cobra pose Day 7. Yogi’s choice . . @igyogachallenges #yogachallenge #igyogachallenges #mysugarmat #comfy_yoga #inspiritcollective #hathamat #wearerangoon #arcfitnessproject #cobrapose #updog #yogacobra

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U skladu sa pozom na ilustraciji ostanite u tom položaju 15 do 30 sekundi i potom se lagano spustite na pod. Ponovite nekoliko puta.


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Strength series 💪 . Prepare for a fiery workout this Saturday, 11am at Farnham Library, in the first class of @neilahern’s Strength Series . Yoga strength is a central component of a complete yoga practice. As well as improving your general health, posture and practical fitness, it is also important in helping to aid flexibility, balance and stability. Join Neil for a strong flow which will engage all the right muscles and leave you feeling energised and ready to further advance your yoga practice. To be followed by Flexibility, Balance and Inversion series in 2019 🤸‍♂️🧘‍♀️ . Special series price of 3 classes for just £25 (or regular drop-in price) . Book now via our bio link or DM us for details 🙏 . Peace & Love Neil & Emma . #acoupleofyogis #menwhoyoga #mensyoga #yogi #maleyogi #broga #yoga #maleyogateacher #irishyogi #yoga #plank #plankpose #phalakasana #yogastrength #yogastrong #plank #powerfulyogi #strongyogi #sideplank #outdooryoga #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #farnham #surrey #guildford #aldershot #farnborough #londonyoga

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Plank vežba je najbolja vrsta vežbi za one koji imaju problem sa pojačanim apetitom posle treninga.


U skladu sa pozom na ilustraciji pokušajte da izdržite što više u njoj, a potom se opustite.

Preskakanje vijače

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🖐🏼THE JRD 5 PRINCIPLES OF FAT LOSS🖐🏼 — Don’t overcomplicate your fitness routine. Focus your time on the activities that have the biggest impact on your ability to lose fat. Here’s ours: 🔥 — 1️⃣ #Dothething , meaning… move your body! Jump rope, lift weights, ride bike, dance, sit, stand, walk, leap, lunge, etc so you can burn calories 🏃🏻‍♂️ — 2️⃣ Eat the right amount of food! Figure out how many calories you need to eat and the ratio of fat-protein-carbs. It’s really easy, we made a calculator for it (linked in bio @officialjumpropedudes ). Yes you can eat cake, chocolate and drink beer but you also have to eat a ton of greens and make sure you stay within your daily macro intake🍎 — 3️⃣ Water. No excuses. 100 oz a day if you can. We cannot stress this enough. When you’re hydrated, your body and mind functions optimally. When you’re not hydrated, s*** goes wrong. Drink water = lose fat 💦 — 4️⃣ Sleep. 7-9 hours a night. When you’re not rested your body is more susceptible to injury, fatigue, and illness. Sleeping is cool. And helps you look sexy. Do it 😴 — 5️⃣ Chill out. Meditate. Hike in the woods. Laugh with friends. Howl at the moon. Smile. If you’re stressed out, your cortisol levels rise. If that happens, your body wants to cling onto fat more. Free yo mind… and the fat will leave too 👁🧠 — Now go forth jump rope ninja… go lose that fat and smile while you do it 🤘🏻😁 — #fatloss #weightloss #jumprope #jumpropedudes #jumpropeswag #jumpingrope #skippingrope #losangeles #marinadelrey #venicebeach #fatburn #motivation

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Stara dobra vežba koju može svako da izvede bez muke, samo je pitanje koliko dugo može da izdrži. Preskakanje vijače je odlično za mišiće, ali za smanjenje apetita.